Semper Fi & America’s Fund Works Amid Covid-19 Pandemic


Semper Fi & America’s Fund Works Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

WITN | by Tori Poole | July 15, 2020 | Link to Article

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Many organizations all across the country have felt the impacts of the pandemic, and Semper Fi & America’s Fund is no different.

The non-profit that works to help catastrophically wounded, ill and injured service members, as well as active duty military has had to make changes like most organizations, but they say help from donors has allowed them to continue to serve the military community.

Amid the pandemic, The Fund has delivered more than $2.8 million worth of meals to service members’ doors as well as provide gift cards, so military members do not have to leave their homes.

The organization has turned to virtual outlets for events during this time as a way to help keep the military community active and involved.

“As everybody across the country knows, a lot of the marathons have been canceled. 5Ks have been canceled. There have been several that we have been able to turn into virtual runs, just to keep the service members engaged.”

-Vickki Mackey, Semper Fi & America’s Fund East Coast Case Manager

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