Your Time is a Precious Donation

Semper Fi & America’s Fund thrives on volunteer support! We offer fun and engaging ways to assist our mission and work. Whether you are interested in attending or hosting a fundraising event, running a marathon, or supporting veteran-owned businesses, we offer diverse opportunities for everyone to invest their passion, commitment, and creativity to make a difference. 

So get involved—just like our team did!

Semper Fi & America’s Fund was started in 2003 by a small group of military spouses sitting around a kitchen table who wanted to offer hope and support to the first combat wounded arriving from Iraq. These military spouses immediately jumped in to meet each Medi-Vac flight that arrived at Camp Pendleton, wrapping their arms around the military families and returning Marines and Sailors to provide emotional support and comfort items. 

In the spirit of this mission, The Fund offers a number of ways that you can get involved using your time, talent, and resources ー including volunteering from YOUR kitchen table. 

Here’s how you can join our volunteer team as we continue to serve our service members and military families.