Marine who lost arm and both legs in Afghanistan tells struggling vets, ‘Reach out’ for help

Purple Heart Sgt. Kenny Kalish credits Semper Fi & America’s Fund for new lease on life

Fox News | by | August 2022 | Link to Article and Video

Marine Corps Sgt. Kenny Kalish knows too well the challenges facing many of America’s veterans — those with physical injuries like the ones he has and those whose wounds may be hidden from sight.

“Don’t hold anything in … If you’re having issues, you need to reach out to somebody,” the wounded warrior told Eric Shawn on Fox News during a Sunday appearance in honor of Purple Heart Day.

“There is always somebody that you can call or talk to that will listen or at least get you the help that you need so you can better yourself mentally,” he said.

“Because that’s where it all starts. Bettering yourself mentally before you can do it physically.”

Kalish was a bomb specialist working alongside black Labrador military dog Flynn when he stepped on an improvised explosive device (IED) in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan in 2011.

He suffered gruesome wounds, losing his left arm and both legs.

Flynn was taking a much-needed break at the time, Kalish said — and was spared injuries or worse.

The Marine credits the Semper Fi & America’s Fund ( for helping him and other veterans get a new lease on life.

“They treat you like family,” Kalish said.

“You never feel like a burden to them. If you have to call your case manager, they’re always there no matter what time of day. They just treat you as family.”

“Don’t hold anything in … If you’re having issues, you need to reach out to somebody.”

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