Corporal Carl and Jaimie Cochrane: A Love That Bloomed

Marine Corporal Carl Cochrane and his wife, Jaimie, are no strangers to hardship. They’ve faced life-threatening injuries from Carl’s deployment to Iraq and a battle with cancer, but throughout it all, they’ve traveled this remarkable road together, discovering an irreplaceable partner in each another and a love that bloomed.

The Seeds:

Carl and Jaimie first met in nursing school – an everyday moment that proved forever lifechanging. Because in 2005, Carl suffered a massive skull injury which resulted in severe nerve damage, a shattered arm, and the loss of almost half his skull while on deployment in Iraq. When Carl returned to the States and began his healing process, Jaimie, now a registered nurse, faithfully and lovingly remained by his side.

The Roots:

To ensure Carl could visit family, attend medical appointments, and maintain his independence, The Fund first assisted him with support grants, and after Carl medically retired in 2007, The Fund helped throughout the transition from active duty to civilian life.

Carl and Jaimie became husband and wife in 2010 after he purposed during a concert in front of hundreds of people, proclaiming a love for Jaimie that had flourished throughout facing these trials together. Though Carl suffered reoccurring seizers from his injuries, he completed his nursing degree in 2013, and their beautiful relationship continued to thrive. But Carl, Jaimie, and their adorable seven-year-old daughter Annabelle faced a new battle in 2021 – Carl was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor which required immediate surgery.

The Flowers:

The surgery a success, Carl has since completed nearly all his radiation treatments with plans to begin chemotherapy soon. The Fund, ever inspired by the persevering heart of this amazing family, has provided grants and individualized support to allow the sole focus to remain on Carl’s recovery. Though each new day brings unknowns, the certainty of the unconditional love between Carl and Jaimie has created an irreplaceable foundation of courage and positivity, and

Jaimie’s recent birthday gift to Carl served as a testament to their remarkable relationship:

Strengthened throughout hardship, deepened by sacrifice, and showered with joy, Carl and Jaimie’s love has bloomed into something greater than either ever imagined … and will only continue to grow more beautiful in the years to come. 

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