Army Special Forces Intelligence Sergeant Jake Green: Proud to Be an American

As a young child, Jake Green discovered a passion to serve our country.  

“I was infatuated with our service members, and I would read everything I could about WWII, Korea, and Vietnam,” he said. “I remember being in elementary school when the Gulf War started and hearing Lee Greenwood’s song ‘God Bless The U.S.A.’ and feeling proud to be an American.” 

Twice, Jake tried to enlist in the military (Air Force and Marines) but was disqualified for medical reasons. Then in 2004, Jake heard reports of a local Marine killed in Iraq, and this young man’s heroic sacrifice inspired Jake to return to the recruiting office. He became a Soldier at age 26 and soon after he graduated from the Special Forces Qualification Course, he deployed to Afghanistan, where he felt “fortunate to have fought alongside some of America’s bravest men.” 

Jake served on multiple deployments to Afghanistan and sustained severe injuries to his right ankle during a major firefight in 2009. Five years later, Jake reinjured the same ankle due to a steep fall off the side of a mountain, then further damaged the bone in 2015. Numerous surgeries followed each injury, though his ankle never fully healed. After years of suffering, Jake faced a very difficult decision when doctors recommended the amputation of his right leg. Jake agreed to the surgery with his devoted family never leaving his side.  

“I am fortunate to have a great, supportive, and loving wife who has never complained and been there with a smile on her face during our darkest times,” Jake said. “I have never allowed myself to fall into the ‘victim or poor me mentality’, and I think gratitude allows me to be independent, as well … Our family’s goal is to provide support and be an example to others of overcoming life’s challenges.”  

During his recovery in the hospital, Jake encountered Semper Fi & America’s Fund when they provided gas cards to offset the cost of travel to and from Jake’s many medical appointments, as well as grants for an adaptive vehicle and home renovations to ensure Jake’s continuing independence.  

“Karen [his Fund case manager] was one of the first visitors I had at Walter Reed [National Military Medical Center]. She was an angel and has turned into a family friend,” he said. “Semper Fi & America’s Fund provided a grant to help us with our home remodel to make it wheelchair friendly … The ability to easily move about our home is something I am very grateful for.” 

Not only did Jake receive financial support from The Fund, but he also gained a sense of community and a greater awareness of how much Americans desired to honor the selfless sacrifices of our Nation’s veterans for our country.  

“I was bitter and felt like the American people could care less about the war on terror …  Karen’s smile and Semper Fi & America’s Fund changed my mind,” Jake said. “Since my amputation, my attitude has changed, and I believe most Americans do care and are grateful for our service members.”  

Along with the support of The Fund, Jake credits his wonderful wife, Kelly, and their three sons, Marc, Ethan, and Aaron, as his greatest motivators throughout his recovery.  

“After my leg was amputated, I wanted to be the dad to my boys like my dad was there for me. I wanted to teach and play sports with my sons, go hiking, fishing, hunting, and do anything they wanted to do,” he said. “I also wanted to return to my team and continue operating so I had the desire to stay in shape and keep going. After I was told I could no longer deploy, I decided to medically retire and now my focus is providing my family with a great life and giving back to the community that has supported my family and me.” 

Just as Jake is proud to be an American, everyone at The Fund is proud to call Jake, with his endless determination and heartfelt dedication to service, a member of our Fund family.  

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