Army Sergeant Kyle Emmons: The Importance of Family

“Life doesn’t end just because of an accident. If anything, it is the chance to start fresh and achieve anything you set your mind to. People, like The Fund, are there to support and cheer you on through anything.”

It was on Army Sergeant Kyle Emmons’ second deployment to Afghanistan that his entire life changed in an instant.

One moment, Kyle and his unit — Bravo Company, 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment — were on a night mission to retrieve their fallen comrades, who had lost their lives while courageously serving our country. All the sudden, explosions detonated all around them, critically injuring members of Kyle’s entire team and causing extensive damage to Kyle’s lower body and his face, the result of which caused the amputation of his right leg and the loss of vision in his left eye.

“After being medevaced from the field, I received treatment at a hospital in Afghanistan before being flown to Germany for recovery,” he said. “Once in Germany, I spent four days in the hospital before heading back to the United States, where I began a full recovery at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas.”

When Kyle arrived in San Antonio, he soon learned that his challenging journey to recovery would never have to be traveled alone. Semper Fi & America’s Fund immediately came alongside the Emmons family to provide everything they needed to keep moving forward throughout Kyle’s path to healing.

“After my injury, I was unable to get in and out of my truck, and Semper Fi & America’s Fund assisted in purchasing a new vehicle for my new everyday life to get to and from the rehab facility,” said Kyle. “This vehicle really boosted my morale while in recovery and gave me my own sense of freedom back. “

When Kyle and his wife, Taylor, began their journey as new parents, The Fund gifted them a specialized crib that was wheelchair accessible, therefore allowing Kyle to safely and comfortably care for his newborn daughter, Ellie.

“The Fund knew being a new dad and wanting to be as hands on as possible was a huge goal of mine. They truly made it happen no matter what disability stood in my way,” he said. “The community they have built has truly made us thankful and blessed that The Fund found us, especially when we needed it the most. They are a community of family that makes it a point to include my family no matter what.”

Kyle, Taylor, and Ellie have attended many of Semper Fi & America’s Fund’s online events which have allowed them to develop a unique support system with other military families living in their same area. Taylor has also attended a Fund caregivers retreat, where she received education specifically designed for caregivers and met with others in similar situations. In sharing their hearts with one another, they forged bonds that will last a lifetime.

“As a family, we are thankful for The Fund as they are always there and thinking about us. There has not been a holiday (birthdays, Christmas, Alive Day, etc.) that they have not reached out to check on us or send us a card to let us know they are thinking about us … At times, they seem to know what you really need before you even ask … The Fund has truly shown me the importance of family.”


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