Army Sergeant First Class Caleb Brewer: No Limitations

Sergeant First Class Caleb Brewer has lived a life without limitations. Even after being critically injured in Afghanistan, he pushed through every obstacle and strengthened his mind, body, and spirit in a way that has made him invincible.


Throughout his eleven years with the Army, Caleb deployed to Morocco, Thailand, the Philippines, Iraq, and Afghanistan, his courage and dedication to preserving our Nation’s freedom inspiring his faithful service. On his 31st birthday, Caleb’s life split into a before and an after when he stepped on an improvised explosive device. He was medevac’d to safety, but Caleb’s journey to healing was far from over — he experienced blood clots in his lungs, fought multiple infections, underwent surgery to fix the severe damage to his right hand, and suffered the amputation of both of his legs. Throughout these surgeries, he received approximately 64 units of blood … and still, he continued to fight for his future. He endured months of rehabilitation, during which Semper Fi & America’s Fund ensured Caleb and his family never traveled this difficult path alone.


“Semper Fi & America’s Fund has helped tremendously since the beginning. They helped supplement our finances because my wife had to stay with me [in the hospital] for over 7 months,” he said. “They are a genuine, caring, and extremely effective organization.”


Since the first moment of connection, The Fund sent multiple care packages to Caleb’s home, purchased equipment to help with his difficulty sleeping, and provided funding for an adaptive vehicle to fit Caleb’s unique needs as a double amputee.


After medically retiring from the Army, Caleb has continued to thrive and credits the loving support of his wonderful family and having The Fund by his side as huge parts of his recovery process. Recently, Caleb started his own archery business, Stick Sniper Archery, as a member of The Fund’s Apprenticeship Program — a program designed to help veterans find meaningful trades and small business opportunities as they reintegrate back into their local communities. Located in Tucson, Arizona, Stick Sniper Archery ( hosts the largest selection of bows and archery equipment in Tucson. They also have a bow repair center and an indoor shooting range, where they offer individual and group lessons taught by experienced shooting coaches.


“I have received tremendous support since I was injured. This has allowed me to do just about anything I could ever want,” he said. “I will continue to grow my archery business. I will be present and involved in my family’s life. I will continue to bow hunt, and I will strengthen my body in the gym.”


As Caleb looks toward the future, he plans to grow Stick Sniper Archery, and The Fund will be there beside him, inspired by Caleb’s great sacrifice in his service to our country and his unwavering commitment to live every day with a sense of gratitude and hope.


“Because of all the support I’ve had over the years, nothing has stopped me. I am able to do anything I want,” he said. “No limitations.”

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