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TSF Community Event- Trans Tahoe Swim Relay

Jul 20, 2019

This is a 1-day community race/event. Every year, the Olympic Club of San Francisco hosts this relay, which covers about ten miles across the width of Lake Tahoe, from a beach in Nevada to another beach in California. Its participants are a mixed bag of competitors, from ex-Olympians trying to beat their division record to casual Masters swimmers looking to have a little fun in the sun. Each relay team consists of six people, with each swimming first for 30 minutes, then alternating 15-minute turns until they reach the finish line. While one team member is swimming, the others follow along in a boat. We will be supporting at least 1 team of (relatively) local TSF Service Members for this race. Priority will go to SM’s within driving distance of this event. If we (TSF) are unable to gather a qualified team with local restrictions, we will open it up to a broader region.


Jul 20, 2019
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