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Battle of the Bellator Nationwide fitness challenge: Coast to Coast

May 28, 2016


Marine Corps Combat Fitness Test – http://battleofthebellator.webs.com/
All proceeds are donated to the Semper Fi Fund!  
Entry fee is $25.
Veterans NO fee. 
Recognition for all participants passing according to minimum age group standards.
Awards for top finishers in each age group.
Ultra challenge between top 2 finishers from each age group.

Contact: Eileen Eileen@nptifitness.com 732-682-5645 or Johnny Espada johnnycircuits@gmail.com 973-641-9491

Marine Corps Combat Fitness Test (CFT) Breakdown Movement to Contact (MCT): 880 yards, in boots and utilities (about 1/2 mile)

Ammo Can Lift (AL): 2 minutes lifting a 30-pound ammo can above the head until elbows lock out, earning points for each one complete
Maneuver Under Fire Drill (MANUF): Part obstacle course, part conditioning, part combat test including:
Leg 1 (high crawl 10 yards, mod high crawl 15 yards, diagonal run, casualty pickup),
Leg 2 (casualty drag another Marine 10 yards weaving through cones, fireman’s carry another Marine 65 yards),
Leg 3 (50 yard sprint with ammo cans, 25 yard zig-zag run with ammo cans, grenade throw into designated area, drop and do 3 pushups),
Leg 4 (rise from prone position and pick up ammo cans, 25 yard zig-zag run with ammo cans, 50 yard sprint)


May 28, 2016
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East Coast to West Coast
United States