The SF&AF Apprenticeship Program helps veterans find a new passion, direction, and purpose. Our team inspires, motivates, and instructs those we serve to find their new path forward through powerful mentor relationships.

Leading industry experts connect directly with those we serve, providing a powerful and productive way to reintegrate into the community. This program helps service members find meaningful trades and small business opportunities through short-term vocational education and apprenticeships.

How It Works

The Fund’s staff work directly with motivated service members to assess readiness, personal strengths, and professional interests. Apprenticeship Program leads to offer guidance for a wide variety of trades, helping participants develop training and educational plans, timelines, and goals. This may include vocational training and/or a series of workshops.

Once training is complete, Apprenticeship Program Leads will then help service members find apprenticeship opportunities and establish mentor relationships with leading industry experts.

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