We love our military children! Our Skip’s Kids Program provides care and support for children in military families who are dealing with their own critical injury or illness, or are feeling the impact of having a wounded, ill, or injured parent.

More than two million American children have had a parent deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan. The life of a military child is never easy, and when a child endures an injury or illness it puts extraordinary stress on this already challenging lifestyle. The hardships that families face when caring for a child with a serious injury or illness can include being far away from family support in addition to the difficulty of accessing a specialized children’s hospital. 

A child of a wounded, ill, or injured service member must often endure having to watch their parents and family turned upside-down because of war. This can often lead to “secondary PTSD,” with symptoms including hypervigilance, dissociation, irritability, and behavioral outbursts. We believe that children of wounded, ill, and injured service members, and military children who have a serious injury or illness should not have to face these challenges alone.

The Skip’s Kids Program ensures these children have all necessary resources for support and recovery.

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