Where a best friend becomes one’s critical companion. The Tim & Sandy Day Canine Companions Program was created to unite critically wounded, ill, and injured service members, veterans, and military families with service and companion dogs. Trained to provide vital assistance, these dogs are an important source of companionship, therapy, and support.

The Tim & Sandy Day Canine Companions Program is dedicated to the training and expenses related to caring for the service and companion dogs for our warriors and their families. Vet bills, dog food, and service dog training are just a few ways we help. Some dogs are trained in mobility to assist amputees with prosthetics. Others are trained to smell the chemical changes that happen in the body when an anxiety attack or seizure is about to occur. The special bond and service these animals provide is life changing! 

Service dogs are so much more than just pets. For their human companions, they are ‘four legged therapists,’ a safe harbor during tough times, and a gentle nudge when physical or emotional support is needed the most.  

My dog knows me better than I know myself! 

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