Marine veteran, a double amputee, stresses service to country ‘in a different way’

Marine veteran Brandon Rumbaugh is on a mission to help American veterans get and stay fit — and to support them as they deserve

Fox News | by | July 2022 | Link to Article

One veteran is still fighting for America — and for himself.

Brandon Rumbaugh appeared on “Fox & Friends Weekend” on Sunday morning to share his story of staying fit after his military service — and after becoming a double amputee.

What’s clear is that his toughness and strength are continuing to keep him healthy in every way — something others can do as well, no matter their circumstances, especially with him and others as inspiration.

Rumbaugh lost both legs during his service in Afghanistan — he was actually at the hospital together with Johnny Joey Jones, Fox News contributor.

He said that the two of them have come so far in terms of their recovery and their fitness levels. That “makes me happy,” he said.

CrossFit helped him with his journey to recovery, he said.

The Semper Fi & America’s Fund “was created by a compassionate group of military spouses,” its website says.

“Those same women run The Fund today, alongside other spouses and retired service members from all service branches.”

The group has helped over 28,000 veterans around the country, Rumbaugh emphasized.

“If you just put your mind to it and get in there and do it, we can accomplish anything.”

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